INM Hair Studio

INM Hair studio is a brand-new branch from M concept located in Mahkota Parade Malacca. Our hair stylist always committed to provide the best service and professional advice to our beloved customer. We are not just any other ordinary hair salon that giving you a haircut, but we are bringing out the inner beauty of you by suggesting the best and suitable hairstyle for you. If you ever want to change a new look for your hair, don’t hesitate to contact us for any inquiries or booking.

Private Room for Muslim

INM Hair studio has provide a closed room and block curtain especially for Muslim girls whose only serve by women hairdresser so they can safely let their hair down without fear of any privacy intrusion.This closed room can separates clients from the main space and allow their brother or husband to make appointment so there is no modesty that affects the audience of the salon.They can feel more freely and relax to enjoy our service.Addtionnally, our salon also have using halal-friendly shampoos and care made from natural ingredients.As for perm and colorants, they contain animal derived product. Muslim customers can decide if they want to buy it.


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