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Hair Style

Hair Color

Hair Color, Make your Life Colourful !!!

Ear Dye Hair Color

Ear Dye Hair Color, Make your Life More Beautiful

Balayage Hair Color

This technique is mainly used to give soft shades to the locks and to create a natural sun-kissed effect. The bleaches are applied to individual strands and not from the roots, but at some distance, so that the emphasis on the new color is mainly on the tips of the strands.

Highlight and Babylight Hair Color

A Customize Highlight, Make your Life More Special !!!

Ombr¨¦ Hair Color

The ombre hair trend shows no signs of slowing down — and there are very few rules involved. The term ombré means from dark to light.

Gradient ombre are a great way to rock a low-maintenance look that doesn’t sacrifice style. Go bold, soft, colorful, or natural with endless choices.

Frizzy Controlling Hair Treatment

The magical transformation. Hair doing Frizzy Controlling Treatment that straightens curly & frizzy hair,improves the texture of straight hair & boots its shine for long lasting healthy look of natural hair. A new Frizzy Controlling Trea technique , is specially designed to fight frizz,detangle knots,boost shine,add silky softness, and tame those pesky flyaways.

Transformasi Rambut melakukan Frizzy Controling Treatment yang meluruskan rambut kerinting & keriting, memperbaiki tekstur rambut lurus &menambah rambut jadi kilat. Frizzy Controlling Treatment yang baru, direka khas untuk melawan rambut keriting, kerosakan rambut ,hujung dah kusut£¬lepas rebonding rambut masih kembang£¬Frizzy Controlling Treatment paling sesuai.Setahun buat 5 kali pun tak rosak rambut. Tak sama dengan Rebonding teknik jadikan rambut kering.

Perm Hair Style

Rebonding Hair Style

Dandruff Treatment ( Treatment Kelemumur)

Hair Loss Treatment ( Treatment Rambut Gugur )

Oily Scalp Treatment ( Treatment Kulit Berminyak )

Sensitive Scalp Treatment (Treatment Kulit Kepala Sensitif)

If you want healthy hair, that you need to nourish the nutrition at the scalp, does it right? So many people live with poor scalp health, but there are plenty of ways to treat and prevent. Our scalp treatment will checking your scalp problem and give you a concentrate treatment to solve the scalp problem

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