Causes of oily scalp:

i) Genes -

If someone in your immediate family seems to have an excessively oily scalp, then are chances of you having it as well.

ii) Stress -

Stress has a strong relation with an oily scalp. This is because stress causes your sebaceous gland to go in overdrive and produce more oil.

iii) Lack of personal hygiene -

If you avoid washing your hair frequently for long periods of time, sleep on dirty a bedsheet and pillow covers, use unwashed hair tools, then they could all be contributing factors for an oily scalp.

iv) Hormonal fluctuations -

If you are dealing with hormonal issues and irregular periods, then that could be another reason why you have an excessively oily scalp.

v) Scalp infections -

Having scalp infections such a lice, fungus or bacterial infestation are all causes that lead to an oily scalp.

vi) Unhealthy diet -

Consuming a diet which consists of unhealthy, oily and spicy food, which generally lacks in nutritional value does not deliver the essential nutrients to your hair, which causes oily scalp and other hair-related problems.

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